Federation verandah brackets

The Verandah

The veranda is a prominent element of any house but has often suffered from decay, modernisation or removal. The Authentic Age is able to determine the correct original design and construction of a verandah and recommend options for repair or replacement.

Key verandah components are:

  • The posts, whether turned or square timber, cast iron or wrought iron
  • Cast iron lacework, timber fretwork or timber brackets
  • The roof profile – concave, convex, bullnose or straight
  • Guttering profile
  • The floor – tessellated tiles, flagstones or timber boards

Victorian Mansion 2                                     Cast iron verandah posts and lacework.

Ceiling Rose

Authentic Age has expertise in a wide range of styles and eras of large plain ceiling rose. We have worked on many stunning ceiling designs, square, polyurethane, moulded ceiling rose ring, antique plaster or polystyrene archways, cornices and light fitting throughout Australia.

  • Victorian Ceiling Rose

    This style of modern ceiling roses recreate the Victorian-era terrace homes with delightful leaf patterns and deep coves at affordable price.

  • Federation: These types of lightweight ceiling rose, vents, and corbels are eye-catching creations cast from resin.
  • Edwardian: We have a great choice of covings and cornices to go with these.
  • Georgian: We help you to select Acanthus Leaf, Flutes, Swags & Drops, Feathers and Laurel Enrichments.

Plaster Ceiling Rose                                     French dining room light and plaster ceiling rose.

People love and admire our Victorian Verandah, Plasterwork and overall House Renovation Services.

What they Say,

The fence options appropriate to the house and recommendation of a reliable fencing contractor were most helpful.

A Mont Albert lady overseeing the restoration of her family’s Edwardian home

You have saved me the time and effort of researching and finding an appropriate antique for the house.

An Armadale man who requested sourcing of a clock as a gift for his wife

You have helped because we didn’t know where to begin in identifying what is original and what is not.

Owners of a 1930’s Glen Iris house they are restoring and extending

We should have called you in before we started the restoration and extension!

A South Yarra couple seeking advice on decorative aspects for their Victorian house


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How to install cast iron lacework?

While installing the cast iron lacework, you need to first install the corner sections. Hold the corner into the top section of the post and fix it. You can fix the above beam with fasteners with the help of lugs on the corner. The decorative dropper should be fixed between the two posts. Once it is done you can install the lacework by fitting one section of frieze to the edge of the corner. Repeat this process on the opposite side as well.

How to attach federation verandah brackets?

We would recommend installing brackets with round-head brass screws. It will allow more adjustment as well as it avoids damage from hammer blows. You need to hold the bracket in place, mark the location and pre-drill the screw holes. Use large screw heads to attach the bracket in place.