Georgian Mansion entrance porch

Verandah Posts

Authentic Age has expertise in a variety of heritage products.

Over years of experience in house renovation projects of old heritage buildings, we have been presenting great solutions for all kinds of heritage products.

Heritage Products & Accessories:

  • Verandah Posts
  • Victorian Plasterwork
  • Ceiling Rose
  • Cast Iron Lacework
  • Verandah Brackets
  • Picket Fences

We research the correct items with high quality that suits your period house also we recommend suppliers and skilled construction specialists. We can accompany you on visits to specialist antique shops, auction houses or other suppliers to aid in your selection. Our expert inputs will rejuvenate the period era with the best suitable accessories.

Some Typical Features Of Victorian House Renovation

Cast Iron Verandah Posts & Lacework

Being in the renovation industry for more than a decade, we have dealt with many cast iron heritage lacework, lace panels & vintage letterboxes. Whether you need new lacework for your verandah or replace broken one, we can advise you with the selection of the right piece that matches with the existing pattern.
You can rely on us for any metal fretwork for verandahs.

  • Corner Lacework
  • Complete sets of corners, frieze and valance lengths
  • Aluminium and Metal Lacework
  • Kookaburra Letterboxes

Verandah Brackets

Brackets are use to embellish house facades and are most essential components of Verandah decoration. These are fixed to the verandah posts on top of a crown. You can have post corner brackets or eaves bracket that suits existing style of your house. There are many decorative designs available to choose from. You can also ask for custom design, you will have custom designed brackets as per the drop and span dimension requested by you. We have provided our clients with high quality products, excellent service and valuable advice for installation or makeover of Verandah.
Victorian Mansion 2                                     Cast iron verandah posts and lacework.

Ceiling Rose

Authentic Age has expertise in a wide range of styles and eras of ceiling rose. We have worked on many stunning ceiling designs, plaster archways, and cornices.

  • Victorian Ceiling Rose: This style of ceiling roses recreate the Victorian-era terrace homes with delightful leaf patterns and deep coves.
  • Federation Ceiling Rose: These types of ceiling rose, vents, and corbels are eye-catching creations cast from resin.
  • Edwardian Ceiling Rose: We have a great choice of covings and cornices to go with Edwardian ceiling roses.

Plaster Ceiling Rose                                     French dining room light and plaster ceiling rose.

Modern Picket Fence Designs Melbourne

Picket Fencing is one of most preferred style of fencing for period homes including Victorian, Edwardian & Federation style home.
You can get various styles of fencing as follows:

  • Level Picket
  • Accented Picket
  • Capping Rail Picket
  • Arched Picket
  • Concave Picket
  • Stenciled Picket

Multiple patterns of picket tops are available to suit any size of tubes from 65×16, 75×16 to 50×10.

  • Acorn Picket Head
  • Club Picket Head
  • Spade Picket Head
  • Windsor Picket Head

Picket Fence                                           Garden Picket Fence.

What Clients Say

The fence options appropriate to the house and recommendation of a reliable fencing contractor were most helpful.

A Mont Albert lady overseeing the restoration of her family’s Edwardian home

You have saved me the time and effort of researching and finding an appropriate antique for the house.

An Armadale man who requested sourcing of a clock as a gift for his wife

You have helped because we didn’t know where to begin in identifying what is original and what is not.

Owners of a 1930’s Glen Iris house they are restoring and extending

We should have called you in before we started the restoration and extension!

A South Yarra couple seeking advice on decorative aspects for their Victorian house

Talk to our experts about your requirement of Verandah Posts, Brackets, Ceiling Rose, Plasterwork, Cast Iron Lacework or Picket Fence.

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