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The Authentic Age is a consultancy providing advice on sympathetic and practical approaches to altering period homes and public buildings in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

Services provided benefit owners and prospective buyers of period houses, government owners of heritage buildings, local councils, architects, builders and real estate agents.

Trusted Renovation Consultant

Mark Weller operates The Authentic Age and lives in a Victorian house in Melbourne’s inner east that he restored himself. This followed his restoration of an Inter-War era house in Surrey Hills. During a wide-ranging career as an army officer, which he left as a Lieutenant Colonel, he specialised in logistics and project management and completed an MBA.

He brings a long and close interest in early architecture and antiques – and a passion for helping owners to maintain the original character of period houses and public buildings. He has read and traveled widely on the subject, becoming familiar with the distinguishing features of period buildings and appropriate fittings, finishes, and antique furniture.

Mark is well connected with other experts in the field and can recommend a range of specialists, including suppliers, tradesmen, architects, colour consultants, landscape architects and fencing contractors.

Examples of Consultations completed by The Authentic Age include:
  • Advising on the correct designs for replacement of the missing veranda, front doors and fence of an Edwardian worker’s cottage in Brunswick.
  • Sourcing antique furniture for the recently restored Victoria Barracks in St Kilda Road, Melbourne.
  • Identifying the originality of a 1930’s house in Glen Iris and providing options for maintaining its character in a planned extension.
  • Suggesting typical wallpaper and decorative friezes, including recommended suppliers/tradesmen, for a Victorian mansion in Armadale.
  • Advising on options for appropriate fence designs and veranda fretwork, for an Edwardian house in Mont Albert.
  • Providing options for the restoration of the ballroom of a Victorian bluestone mansion in the western district.

What Clients Say

The fence options appropriate to the house and recommendation of a reliable fencing contractor were most helpful.

A Mont Albert lady overseeing the restoration of her family’s Edwardian home

You have saved me the time and effort of researching and finding an appropriate antique for the house.

An Armadale man who requested sourcing of a clock as a gift for his wife

You have helped because we didn’t know where to begin in identifying what is original and what is not.

Owners of a 1930’s Glen Iris house they are restoring and extending

We should have called you in before we started the restoration and extension!

A South Yarra couple seeking advice on decorative aspects for their Victorian house

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