Restoration of old heritage buildings

Heritage Building Restoration

Old heritage buildings are majestic reminders of the past and yet have a practical appeal in the modern era. The elegance and style can be enhanced by restoration, alteration and extension if done in sympathy with the original.

Moreover, The Authentic Age has the ability to advise on ways to modernise old or heritage buildings to maintain their original charm whilst improving their practicality.

Authentic Age has adviced architects, draftsmen and builders, to help them get the details right.

We have advised on a wide range of heritage buildings, including residential, public and commercial properties from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian/Federation and Inter-War eras. The advice can be comprehensive or limited to specific aspects as required.


Heritage building services Melbourne


Why we should restore historical buildings?

Old buildings have intrinsic value as they are built with beautiful and rare architectural designs and higher-quality materials. The cultural significance of heritage buildings is overwhelming. Conservation of such buildings can protect their architectural, aesthetic, historic and cultural values from being destroyed. This flows through to protection of their real estate value too.

Why Authentic Age?

The Authentic Age complements the work of architects and builders by providing reliable and practical advice on original designs, finishes, fittings, decoration and furnishings.

How to restore an old building?

We can suggest what needs doing and recommends specialist suppliers, tradesmen and professionals.

What are the guidelines for rehabilitating historic buildings?

We can advise on the aspects requiring regulatory approvals.

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