Restoration of old heritage buildings

Old Heritage Building Restoration

Old heritage buildings are the majestic reminders of our past and yet have a practical appeal in the modern era. The elegance and style of old heritage buildings can be enhanced by restoration, alteration and extensions if done in sympathy with the original.

Authentic Age has that expertise and artistic eye which assist you to get top-notch restoration of old buildings which will bring their original charm back. Moreover, The Authentic Age has the ability to advise on ways to modernise old heritage buildings to maintain their original charm whilst improving their practicality.

The Authentic Age is also able to provide advice to architects, draftsmen and builders, to help them get the details right.

We have advised on a wide range of heritage buildings, including residential, public and commercial properties from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian/Federation and Inter-War eras. The advice can be comprehensive or limited to specific aspects as required. We provide extension and restoration solution to any size of buildings with a commitment of operational safety & highest quality of restoration. We work with a meticulous approach of restoration of heritage buildings that will keep alive its authentic theme and appeal. We are proud of our work which helps to conserve & restores incredible history to stand out in a great future.


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Why we should restore historical buildings?

Old buildings have intrinsic value as they are built with beautiful and rare architectural designs and higher-quality materials. The cultural significance of heritage buildings is overwhelming. Conservation of heritage buildings can protect their architectural, aesthetic, historic and cultural values from being destroyed. This flows through to protection of their real estate value too.

Why Authentic Age?

Authentic Age is the most trusted old house restoration company. There are many historic home restoration contractors near me, but we have the most reliable professionals who have been renovating historic buildings for years. Working on various renovation projects has helped us to gain expertise in building restoration techniques.

The Authentic Age complements the work of architects and builders by providing reliable and practical advice on original designs, finishes, fittings, decoration and furnishings.

To get more clear idea about our work quality check out our old building restoration examples where you will find photos of restored heritage buildings before and after.

How we do the restoration of old building?

We start with the building visit & initial consultation. Thorough analysis of building and your needs will help us to prepare a plan of action for further process.

We can suggest what needs doing and recommends specialist suppliers, tradesmen and professionals.

We will design a perfect renovation plan that complements your idea with construction demands. According to the plan we will calculate approximate cost for the project. We don’t like surprises so the cost mentioned in the plan will be approximately similar to the actual expense of restoration of heritage building, you own.

We will be there throughout the process starting from finalizing the design to recommending professional contractors for construction. We assure to complete the project in committed time.

What are the guidelines for rehabilitating historic buildings?

Architectural conservation is the very challenging.  Even a small mistake can cause irreparable damage during the process. So choosing the right method of restoration is absolutely essential for successful remake.We can advise on the aspects requiring regulatory approvals.

  1. Must consider all areas of the historic building including Façade,Veranda, Fireplace, Corbels, Cornices
  2. Focus on permanent solutions of rather than temporary fixes
  3. Use safe construction tools to avoid damage to the structure
  4. Modify it to get a modern look without ruining its original features

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