Globes for Period Light Fittings

The trend for use of fluorescent and LED globes for lighting is beneficial in terms of greatly reduced power consumption and lower emitted heat. These globes can be fitted to many period light fittings, table lamps and standard lamps without difficulty.

However, many light fittings and lamps have globes that are visible, so it is important to avoid using globes that are of an inappropriate size or shape (eg a coiled fluorescent globe or a frosted LED candle globe: these are certainly fine for use under a shade or in an opaque glass, but not where they can be seen).

At this stage, too, the full range of LED globe shapes, sizes, bases and wattages is not yet available in Australia. This is gradually improving.

One further issue concerns lights fitted with dimmer switches, as only larger LED globes can be dimmed. Check with the supplier before buying any LED for a light with a dimmer switch.