Fences, garden & structures of heritage buildings

Fences, Gardens & Structures

Have you thought about these important areas?

  • Picket or palisade or masonry fence?
  • Which picket shape?
  • Gate design?
  • Carports & garages?
  • Conservatory?
  • A rotunda?
  • Is the original garden still there?
  • Layout possibilities?
  • Lights?
  • Typical trees/shrubs?
  • A fountain?

The Authentic Age can discuss with you the authenticity of the current items, options for replacement/repair and recommended experts (e.g. landscape architects, fencing contractors, architects/draftsmen).

Fences and gates are critical features, so The Authentic Age can advise on the correct profile of fence pickets and posts for the period of the house and whether or not a palisade fence or masonry fence is appropriate.