Education about period houses

Education – Learn About Period House Styles


No-one can be expected to be aware of the distinction between, say, a Victorian era house and a Federation/Edwardian house, without being exposed to the detail surrounding period houses and public buildings.

The Authentic Age conducts education sessions, tailored to the audience, to enable those such as prospective house purchasers and real estate personnel to recognise period house styles and features. We provide you complete insights about period building styles.

Sessions can be organised in a suitable venue, perhaps in the evening, covering the main features of the different period styles of buildings, finishes, decoration, fittings and furniture.

Key Benefits

  • Enables people interested in heritage and period buildings to be aware of the differences between the period styles.
  • Helps owners avoid wasting money and effort on inappropriate alterations, restoration work or purchased items.
  • Assists real estate personnel to be better informed about period styles and features when discussing properties with their clients.