Edwardian verandah

Comprehensive Appraisal

Cornices – ceiling roses – fireplaces and mantelpieces – verandas – servants’ bells – archways and corbels – lights – roofs and gutters – fretwork – lacework – hearth tiles – cast iron – window catches – veranda posts – stained and etched glass – picture rails – leadlight – plasterwork….

The Authentic Age provides an assessment of the authenticity of a period building’s current features, fittings and finishes, including recommended replacement and repair options and recommended suppliers/tradesmen.

Alternatively, a summary status report can be provided, simply assessing the building’s current features, fittings and finishes.

House buyers find these assessments particularly helpful before purchasing a house, enabling them to be more informed in their purchase decisions and plans for restoration or other work.

Similarly, owners contemplating restoration or alteration become better informed about originality and options for rectification or alteration.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive advice on authentic approaches to restoration and alteration.
  • Emphasis on practical approaches that are sympathetic to the original.
  • Enables a co-ordinated rather than haphazard restoration programme.
  • Helps owners avoid wasting money and effort on inappropriate work.
  • Assists owners in maintaining or increasing the property’s value, by identifying approaches appropriate to the period of the building.