Old homes alteration service

Alterations & Extensions

  • What style of extension?
  • What’s a dado? Or a frieze? 
  • Authentic colour schemes?
  • Does altering this doorway matter?
  • Stencils? Wallpaper or paint? 
  • Curtain rods or pelmets?
  • Ceiling heights?
  • Bathroom tiles?
  • Should there be a frieze?

(see also Fences/Gardens/Exterior Structures)

The Authentic Age can discuss with you the practical options for alterations/extensions and decoration, preferably preparatory to your engaging architects and tradesmen.

The emphasis is on identifying outcomes that are authentic or at least sympathetic to the original, balanced with practicality and modern tastes.

Includes recommended architects, specialist tradesmen, colour consultants, wallpaper suppliers, restoration materials suppliers, etc.

The Authentic Age is also able to provide advice to architects, draftsmen and builders, to help them get the details right.

Key Benefits

  • This service is aimed at identifying approaches sympathetic to the period of the house, by retaining existing building fabric where possible and/or executing alterations in materials and scale that avoids dominating or otherwise detracting from the style and presence of the building.